My big TV debut - The Saved & Remade Workshop

Yes, you heard that right, I'm on the telly box!!!

After a longer-than-planned maternity leave, I was cast as 1 of 9 re-makers for The Saved & Remade Workshop on REALLY channel - my first foray into the intense world of filming, whilst juggling life with a 1 year old, no sleep and my 2nd pregnancy. I certainly don't do things by halves, do I?!

Along with a team of expert crafters in materials such as wood, metal, leather, fabric and jewellery, I am the show's "multi-crafter", meaning I had no idea what projects they would throw at me. But hey, we all know I'm not shy of a challenge.

Meet the team...

Emily Dupen

Daisy Lula Brunsdon

Jason Stocks-Young

John Osborne

Leigh Dyer

Radha Sivyer

Tamara Gomez

Titch Cormack

Velvet Jones

Each of us were trusted with the task of breathing new life into people's precious and sentimental belongings, by transforming them into fabulous new items to be loved and used once more. I do like the opportunity to re-purpose old things that would otherwise go to waste and landfill, and it was wonderful to see people's reactions when they returned for the reveals.

The show is hosted by the lovely Amanda Lamb, and the stories behind some of the projects are quite emotional - particularly my first re-make in episode 1 - it's a real tear-jerker!

The Saved & Remade Workshop Cast

You can catch me and the others in action on REALLY every Monday at 9pm (UK time). That's channel 17 on Freeview, or 142 on Sky. You can also stream and catch up on Discovery+.

Do let me know what you think of my projects, I love to hear your feedback!

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