Hanging Instructions

We always recommend hiring a professional for installation, however our product is very easy to use if you prefer to DIY.

This is a ‘Paste The Wall’ product.

The decorator should paste the wall and not the paper.

We recommend using a ready-mixed, non-toxic and non-allergenic wallpaper paste, which is kinder for you and the environment than the average wallpaper glue.

Try to avoid getting adhesive on the printed surface of the wallpaper.

If it is unavoidable, gently wipe off with a clean dry sponge whilst moist, making sure to rinse it thoroughly throughout the cleaning process using clear water only and no soap or cleaning liquids of any kind.


Ensure surfaces are clean, smooth and dry.

Remove any old wallcoverings and fill any holes and cracks and smooth down.

Roughen any painted surfaces with glass/sandpaper.

Scrape powdery or flaky areas and paint with an oil-based primer, allowing it to dry completely.

For best results always cross-line the wall with lining paper.


Cut your lengths allowing for pattern matching and for final trimming top and bottom.

Check that all paper is the right way up and, if unsure, consult the Dupenny website or ask your retailer.

Using a roller, apply paste evenly to the wall, covering more than enough surface area to hang one length at a time.

Use a plumb line when hanging the first length and smooth the paper to the wall using a clean, dry decorator’s brush.

Gently smooth out air bubbles, working from the centre towards the edges.


After hanging 3 or 4 lengths, inspect the result to ensure no shading or other faults are present.

No claim for re-decorating costs can be allowed once more than one roll has been hung.

Butt-join each length and trim excess paper.